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Pretty Thai Girls Seeking Foreign Men on Thai Love LinksThai singles, Thai dating - The best Thai dating and Thai matchmaking site for all Thai singles seeking love, dating and marriage. Find the single Thai man or woman of your dreams today! (ad by Cupid Media)

December, 2013: So is the Thai Love Links website as good as their promotional spiel above Portrays it to be? Well, whether you're just looking for casual Asian dating with a stunning thai lady, or seeking beautiful Thai to become your Asian bride, one thing is certain and that is dating Asian women is a most wonderful experience for any single western man of any age. The website is a great place to meet a plethora of these beauties from the old Siam. Keep reading or visit their sites from the links above for more info and success stories.

So what's so great then about Thailovelinks? After all, there are plenty of Asian matchmaker sites online all boasting to have the most beautiful single Asian women anywhere on the World Wide Web? Let's face it, South East Asian women, and especially the Thais, are incredibly stunning in the eyes of most western guys. There are so many of them single too! This means that every Asian matchmaker dating portal will have a plethora of beauties, most of whom dream of being a thai wife.

Tip: If you're heading out to Thailand, it's actually cheaper to rent an apartment than stay in a hotel or guest house. You can find a number of English language property portals that will help you to narrow down your search. MrRoomfinder (MRF) is one of the most popular. Try MRF for accommodation in Bangkok, or Craigslist Thailand, before you head out. You might also get some good advice from one of the many expats forums like Thaivisa or Ajarn?

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Asian Dating can lead to a life with a beautiful Thai bride from a plethora of single Thai Women

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Thailovelinks, Thai Marriage & the Teenage Thai Bride!

Thai ladies are Bad News! Aren't they? It's true, there have been some disaster stories written on blogs and forums over the years about how certain men have been scammed and tricked on Asian matchmaker sites such as Thailovelinks and all the others. However, this needs putting into perspective. Let's not forget too, that no one takes time out to report on a relationship that's just fine and dandy! So who are all these guys that have gotten tangled up with the Thai brides from hell, and how did it happen?

Not so long ago, a well known American Billionaire was boarding his luxury yacht with a bevy of bikinied beauties on his tail. A cocky reporter yells out from the gathering paparazzi; "Hey fatso! You know why those gorgeous young women are interested in you, don't ya? Ha, ha, ha!" The prominent tycoon turned around and yelled back; "Sir, I don't care why they're interested in me, SO LONG AS THEY'RE INTERESTED! Ha, ha, ha!"

The moral of the story is that relationships where there are huge age differences are often more of an 'arrangement' rather than one of deep mutual love and understanding. But then again, so what! If both parties are enjoying the 'arrangement' then no one gets hurt. It's only when one half (namely the much older guy), becomes blinded by love, that things can get out of perspective. For example, a lot of older gentlemen, and especially those retired, go onto Asian dating websites, such as Thai love links, looking for attractive single Thai women to spend the rest of their lives with.

They find plenty of good looking singles of all ages too, yet they keep getting drawn into the luring eyes of the under 30's. A fair number of older Western guys quickly become smitten with young Thai ladies in their late teens and early twenties, and in many cases (although not all), they are starting to set themselves up for trouble further down the line.

Perception is the Key: Now you might well be a lovely bloke and in pretty good shape for a 65 year old man, for example. But any stunning teenager or twenty-something that tells you she prefers much older fellas with pot bellies, and receding hairlines, is not being totally honest now is she! And be even more suspicious the thicker she lays on the compliments, especially when she says Western men like you are deadly handsome to Thais, who find your body cuddly and your lips kissable! You see, these disaster stories come from the men who buy into all that cupid claptrap, and such romances, for want of a better word, usually end up in financial tatters and tears! True love with a younger Thai beauty is very possible, so long as you don't go chasing those teenage tails.

This is not the fault of the dating sites but those who misuse them. There's nothing wrong with an older man finding a nice younger single Asian women to start a new life with, but a 40 or 50 year age gap is just asking for trouble. Now if you're getting what you want from your teenage Thai bride, and she and her family are getting what they want from you, and everybody's happy with the 'arrangement', then there's no harm done. However, see it as more than it is, and you could find yourself writing your own sob story online as you try to warn your fellows of the Asian matchmaker scam!

Thailovelinks - Helpful Hints for Online Dating Safety!

Thai Love Links is no armature site. In fact it is owned and operated by the Cupid Media group who have been online for many years now and run a very successful empire of niche online dating projects. Their Thailovelink portal is perhaps one of their most popular to date. It has an entire section dedicated to online dating safety. Thailovelinks 'Safe Dating Pages' cover such things as computer security, tips on that first meeting, how to avoid scam & spam, an entire page on getting engaged (not only Thai ladies, but anyone you've met online), and it even covers marriage and separation issues plus a whole lot more.

There are literally tens of thousands of foreigners that have met and married their Thailovelink over the years and found themselves in happy and stable relationships. Many of them decide to live in Thailand as retired expats or are over here on work contracts with multinationals. You can read more about older men dating Thais here.

Many a man has taken his Thai marriage vowels in this country and had a Thai style wedding ceremony with the wife's friends and family members before flying their Siam bride back to wherever they come from as they start a new life together. Thai ladies really do have a cheerful disposition, plus unrivalled beauty. What's not to like!

Remember this; most Thai ladies you will find on Thai love links and other such professional dating websites, are good, kind, loving people who will make loyal companions. Tales of woe travel like wildfire, yet the happy endings rarely get a mention. The yarns of misfortune and the infamous phony Thai marriage, supposedly cooked up by scheming Thai ladies, will usually come from the lips of Bar Stall Bobs who come over as here looking for love in naughty night spots and murky massage parlours.

If it's single Asian women that you're interested in, and particularly the Thai ladies (wherever they happen to be residing in the world), then you'll not be disappointed with Thailovelinks. Simply create your online personal and Thailovelinks will have you interacting with beautiful unattached young women within minutes of creating your profile.

Whether you're just looking to make new Thai friends, or are hoping to find a Thai bride in 2013, you will most probably agree by the end of day 1 that Thailovelinks is the best and most fun Asian matchmaker service on the internet period. Good luck :)

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Tied to a Thai in 2013: Beautiful skin, perfect smiles, wonderfully white teeth, and a fun loving disposition. These are just some of the qualities offered by Thai singles. Forget all the disaster stories coming out of those tourist failed love stories. At the end of the day, it's only the failed relationships that get talked about, but the reality is that there are tens of thousands of very happy couples where beautiful Thai singles have met their match in western men. But hey, no one talks about these, but they are there, and they are in abundance. Thai Love Links 2013 is one of a handful of such Thai dating sites that will help Western singles find their true Asian beauty in 2013.

Young Thai Women and Much Older Partners. Can they work out? Well, there's a new site online for middle-aged men. Here there is a hot seat interview with a guy who's married a Thai girl 32 years his junior. It's an interesting read on those older men and younger women relationships.

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Those Men who have found love with a "Good Thai Girl" have NEVER looked back.

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